Trail riding in Wales
01686 430522

Trail Rides Wales provide hire bikes, enduro type clothing and tuition for riders new to trail or offroad, and guiding for riders with their own bikes. New riders with their own bikes who are members of the Trail Riders Fellowship can join a beginners’ day free of charge.

Wales is absolutely the best for green laning with a huge variety of routes and terrain. Trails can be easy gravel road through to steep hills with rocks, gullies and sharp bends. Views are tremendous and we visit remote areas, before coming back to civilisation for a lovely lunch!

Even if you have never considered riding offroad and think it may not be "your thing", Colin, Marianne and Lucie will do their best to make sure you have an enjoyable day, with improvement of your general riding skills. They have welcomed riders up to the age of 71 – can you beat that?

More details on their website, email or phone 01686 430522
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Scenic view of Barmouth Bay

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