I’m an Experienced Road Rider but Have Never Been Trail Riding – What Can I Expect?

Your day starts with a few miles on minor tarmac road which allows you to settle in and get used to the bike. First you will encounter gravel, then some stones, rocks and mud. We will give you information on suitable techniques, and make sure you are happy with the surfaces you are riding. The route is progressive, and can be altered to suit you. Our days include hills up and down with hairpin bends, rock slabs, loose stones, grass, muddy ruts, streams and puddles. If you prefer a route which has slopes rather than hills and leaves out the riskier elements, please ask for the "easy" option.

We provide clothing free of charge, so all you need to bring is a drink, spare socks, a little cash for your lunch at a cafe, and some chocolate in case you need an energy boost!

We specialise in tailoring the day to suit you best, and keep our groups small, usually four people. If you are a single rider or couple, we will do our best to match you with riders who will progress at a similar rate. We never put experienced trail or offroad riders with riders who are new to green laning.

"Thanks for a great day out and those riding tips! "
Joe from Wolverhampton

I’ve Already Done a Bit of Trail Riding - Can You Do Anything For Me?

Our area has a good variety and will include some technical routes if you are experienced. Experience can be trail, trials, enduro, motocross or a day at a similar school to ours. If you are on your own, we will not add you to a group of beginners. Please note that if you are booking a group and some riders have relevant experience while others don’t, you have the choice of staying together as a group, or we can organise two separate rides, meeting up at lunch time. If you have friends or partners who ride motorcycles, but are not keen on trying trail riding, we can offer a road ride for them (either on our bikes, or on their own) using tarmac lanes.

If you book two days, the routes on the second day will be different. Please don’t say you or your friends are experienced if you are not familiar with riding in a standing position, as it just leads to crashes and injuries, with lots of delays.

If you are a regular enduro or motocross rider, and do not enjoy road riding, please consider carefully whether trail riding is really what you want to do. You are likely to find it frustrating, as our trail bikes do not handle nearly as well off road as enduro or mx bikes, and they are less powerful. There are stretches of up to fifteen miles on main roads between the green lanes, and a lot of minor tarmac roads to and from, so it is good if you like road riding as well as off road!

I’m Not Sure I’m Ready For This!

Trail riding is strenuous compared with road riding, and some people are surprised at how rough it is! Wet days when the lanes are slippery can be difficult. Our usual route does include rock steps and hills up and down with loose stones which roll under the wheels, some of which are quite steep. If you prefer a more gentle introduction, we do a route which has more gravel road and slopes rather than hills. Please ask for the "easy" option.

If you are new to motorcycle riding, we can also take you on a day using small tarmac lanes, where you can gain confidence of coping with gravel, puddles, leaves, debris and surface mud.

Think You Are Too Old For This?

If you can ride a motorcycle, you can come trail riding with us! We have riders aged up to 75!

Terms and Conditions

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Can You Suggest Anywhere My Partner Can Visit Whilst I’m Riding With You?

Visit our Things To Do in Wales page for some ideas of activities and places to visit for people who don not ride motorbikes.

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