Trail riders in the Cambrian Mountains

Booking as a Group

If you book as a group, we assume that you all know eachother! However, we have had a couple of occasions when that is not so. If this is the case, it is really important for the organiser to make sure that ALL participants read the information. We WILL stop the day without refund if any rider does not adhere to the Terms and Conditions.

If you wish to download the Terms and Conditions sheet, it is available as a Word document or pdf.

Trail Rides Wales provide guided riding on legal routes (unclassified county roads and byways open to all traffic) in Powys, Ceredigion and Gwynedd. If you have problems with your bike, we will assist to the best of our ability.

We ask:-

• You and your trail or enduro bike, sidecar or quad are licensed, taxed and insured for British roads. Please don’t come on converted motocrossers or trials bikes, as they really aren’t suitable for trail riding.

Your bike must not be excessively noisy. Noise annoys other users and residents nearby, and leads to their campaign for closure.

• It is suggested that your bike has a full size numberplate fitted. It is hard to persuade the Police that we only ride legal routes if they can criticise the legality of the bikes in the group.

• Please arrive at the meeting place at 9.30am or other specified time. If you are going to be more than half an hour late, please send a text to 07934 829559 and 07933 379995 (these numbers are given on the directions sheets).

• Your bike or quad must have lights fitted, preferably working in case of fog or heavy rain. In winter this is particularly important because a delay could cause darkness to fall before we finish.

Ride with courtesy and consideration, both for your riding companions, other users of the roads and byways (farmers, walkers, cyclists and horse riders) and livestock. If you are an experienced offroad rider, please bear in mind that trail riding is a relaxed day out in the countryside, and includes tarmac roads for which there are no alternative routes.

• Please do not overtake the leader unless he signals you to do so. If he is going slowly, it is for a reason.

• If you open a gate, you are responsible for making sure that it is closed (by you or someone else). Do not ride off, otherwise riders following may assume that it was already open and fail to close it.

• Please do not wheelie or do stoppies, as they give a bad impression to the public. If it goes wrong (and it can) you may injure another rider or involve a member of the public. Wheelies on main roads or in towns may bewitnessd by the Police, and lead to the whole group being stopped.

• Please do not go "off piste" as it causes damage to land which could lead to closure.

• Please do not ’roost’. This is dangerous, especially if his eyes happen to be uncovered.

• If riding on a grass surface, please accelerate and brake gently to preserve the surface. Once torn up, grass takes a long time to recover.

• Please inform us when booking if you are inexperienced and would like tuition.

• If over 18, to sign an indemnity stating that it is understood that this is a potentially dangerous activity.

• If under 18, to be accompanied by a responsible adult who is participating in the day.

• Please inform us if there is a change in the number or type of people if this changes subsequent to the original booking. Emails can sometimes go astray, so if making changes, please ask for confirmation that the changes have been noted.

Please note:

Riders who show no courtesy or consideration to other users, livestock or preservation of the surface of the green lane, put all trail riders' reputations in jeopardy. If the ride leader considers the behaviour of any member of a group to be detrimental to our continued use of the green lanes, he will cancel the ride at any time during the day without refund.

• It is expected that all members of the group share responsibility for behaviour. If any rider is wheelying, riding off piste, roosting or any other inconsiderate behaviour, other riders in the group should point out that this is not acceptable.

• In the event of cancellation due to bad behaviour, all members of the group will be led to the nearest main road and will receive directions to return to the meeting place.

• Although we do our best to accede to a group’s wishes with regard to route, start location and number, there may be occasions when last minute changes cannot be avoided.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation by the client:-

• Cancellation by the client with more than four weeks notice will not incur any charge.

• If two days are booked, and you decide not to use the services of the guide on the second day, there is no refund.

Cancellation by Trail Rides:-

• If heavy snow falls, we are likely to be cut off, as the roads to our village are hilly in all directions! A new date will need to be set.

If you don’t understand why we ask you to abide by these rules, please ask as we are happy to explain.

Cautionary tale!

Three miles of main road were being ridden to the start of the next green lane, when a Police car joined the back of the group and stopped a bike which had no numberplate. It turned out that the rider had no motorcycle licence, no insurance or road tax, so the Police impounded the bike. They did give him a lift back to his accommodation, but could have left him to find his own way back. The Police did not complete their paperwork that day, so his bike was impounded overnight. In the morning, a rider who could produce a motorcycle licence had to accompany the unlicensed rider to the Police station, and then drive out to the pound which was about 50 miles away. If none of the group of riders had been able to produce a licence, the bike would not have been released. That might have meant a journey back to London to pick up the licence, and another day’s fee for the impounded bike. As it was, the friend missed most of his second day’s trail riding, and for the unlicensed one, it was an expensive weekend!


Trail riders in the Cambrian Mountains
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